Budapest Entrepreneurship & Investing Meetup

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Welcome to the Budapest entrepreneurs and investors club meetup, a social event where we empower each other with financial and business knowledge

 We discuss ways to do business, create a passive income, investment opportunities, Scaling a business, Budgeting, investing, and leveraging money to get more out of life. With networking and partnerships opportunities

✅ All people are welcomed, you just need curiosity for learning new things

✅ Common topics of discussion include:
* Entrepreneurship and side hustles
* Financial freedom journey
* The Stock market and real estate
* Personal development

✅ Meeting structure

☑️ Part 1: Introduction
A short introduction from the host followed by members introducing themselves, their background and their business, investments, ideas, questions, and interests

☑️ Part 2: Group discussion
We divide into 2 groups one about entrepreneurship and the other about investing will start with a guided conversation then we pick some common topics and questions from members, discuss them, and answer them

.☑️ Part 3: Watch the “video of the day”
We will together watch a short video followed by a group discussion and sharing thoughts of our members

☑️ Part 4: socializing and networking
This part is for socializing with other members, making like-minded friendships exchange contacts, also for people seeking specific help, guidance, looking for partners or a coach …

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