Healthy lifestyle & well-being Budapest Meetup

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Welcome to our Healthy lifestyle & well being social Meetup

We believe that health is the most important component in our life and it should be everyone’s priority

✅ In this meetup, we gather to have a deep meaningful discussion about different health and well-being-related topics including Eating & diet, physical activities, natural remedies, holistic natural medicine, overcoming health problems, optimizing our health, and how to live a healthy lifestyle

✅ The goal is to empower people with knowledge and easy ways to turn their life into a healthy ones, overcome their health problems and optimize their health

✅ Develop a healthy relationship with food and make a solid connection to our body

✅ The meetup structure

☑️ Part one: Meetup introduction followed by the members introducing themselves also their interests and particular questions and thoughts
☑️ Part 2: We have a deep conversation about the topic of the day, also we discuss members proposed topics and answer each other’s questions and we give prospective
☑️ Part 3: Health self-evaluation: we will follow a health quiz to assess our health and identify any problems or challenges
☑️ Part4: We play a little game of questions: everyone will pick a random question from a box, answer that question and pick 2 persons to answer that questions
☑️ Part5: Networking and connections: This is the time for members to know each other more, connect outside this meetup and make friendships and relationships.

Health quiz link:

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